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How Embarrassed Was Tuiasosopo To Go On Dr. Phil?

what everyone thinks he looks like:






God dammit Roniah! You double Catfished us! First you were Manti Teo’s dead girlfriend and then you were this little Guido who was a decent enough looking guy that he shouldn’t have to create fake internet girlfriends for two years. In reality you’re just another fat Hawaiian. A guy who was using pics from his freshman year of college to trick people to think he’s in shape. Absolutely sucks for you that the whole world finds out that you’re fat today. Super embarrassing. Say what you will about creating fake girlfriends and killing her and being “romantically in love”/gay obsessed with a Heisman candidate, the whole world finding out you’re actually a fatass is way more embarrassing.

PS – why has no one mentioned that Tuiasosopo clearly isn’t gay? He’s fa’afafine. It’s so obvious yet I haven’t heard the media mention this word once. Roniah you gay? Nope I’m fa’afafine. That’s as long as this interview should have taken. Roniah just hates acting masculine and prefers to pretend he’s a girl. That’s fa’afafine. It’s not gay if your culture has a word for it.