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10% Of New York City Adults Has Diabetes

NY PostThe Big Apple’s appetite for sweet drinks and fattening food is growing deadlier by the year. A staggering 10.5 percent of New York City adults, or close to 650,000, have been diagnosed with diabetes — more than double the rate of the life-shortening disease a generation ago, officials said yesterday. And another 230,000 residents are walking around without knowing they have it, according to the city’s Health Department. Diabetes — which brings increased risk for a witch’s brew of ailments, including heart attack, stroke and kidney failure and boosts the odds of limb amputations — has become an epidemic, the officials warned. Treating it cost $16.43 billion in New York last year, plus another $5.06 billion in lost productivity and indirect expenditures, according to the American Diabetes Association. “It’s a major health crisis,” said state Assembly Health Committee Chairman Richard Gottfried (D-Manhattan). Obesity, fueled by high-calorie foods and sugary drinks, is the major cause of the diabetes surge, officials said.

Jiminy fucking cricket! 650,000 people running around town with diabeetus. Thats disgusting. And lets clarify what we’re talking about here. Everyone knows there’s 2 types of diabetes – the real kind and the fake kind. The kind you acquire as an actual disease and the kind that fat people get because they’re so morbidly obese their body is just giving up. And nobody can remember which one is Type 1 and which one is Type 2. So I’m gonna fix that up. There’s Type 1 Diabetes and Fatabetes. If you have type 1, thats a shame. My heart goes out to you. Keep those insulin levels up! Or down. Whichever it is. But if you have Fatabetes, I have no sympathy. Thats like if there are two people – one who suffered a tragic injury and is paralyzed and can no longer get out of bed, the other is so fucking fat they can’t get out of bed. That second Fat is not “Type 2 Paralyzed.” They’re just so fat they cant move.

Fat people love to pretend being fat is a disease so that they get sympathy and can stay fat. Its not genetics. Its not Type 2 Diabetes. You’re just fat and eat horribly and your body is fucked because you do so. Now do me a favor and cue the motherfucking music!