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Indian Man Tries To Sell His Grandon On Facebook To Buy Drugs

IB Times – A man in India has been arrested for trying to sell his newborn grandson on Facebook to buy drugs. Feroz Khan, 47, struck a deal on the social networking website with a local businessman and arranged to have two hospital workers kidnap the baby just hours after he was born. According to the Indian Express, Khan, along with nurse Sunita Rani and another person known only as Gurpreet, have been arrested for attempted kidnap. Satish Malhotra, a senior police officer in Ludhiana, northern India, said: “All three people who conspired to sell the child have been arrested and we will be interrogating the businessman who paid the money to buy the baby.” The baby’s mother, Noori, had complained that her father was planning to sell her child. Police intervened and rescued the baby from Ganga Ram Hospital in New Delhi and returned him to his mother. Police commissioner Ishwar Singh said Gurpreet had a Facebook friend whose wife had fertility problems. The gang settled on a price of Rs 45,000 (£420). 

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