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KFC Radio Episode 38 - The One With No Voicemails

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The first podcast I ever did was posted last year. June 5th. Its been 11 months since then. 324 days. Almost 40 episodes later. And never once have we had any problems with Stoolies leaving voicemails for each weekly show. Always had a batch of 10 great questions/comments from you guys. But this week the Barstool Hotline was so awful I just scrapped the whole segment. Tall One barely scraped together 5 messages. One of which was some asshole asking us to Marry Fuck Kill the different type of amputees that can exist in the world. Real nice topic, dickhead.

So this is my open challenge to all the Stoolies and KFC Radio listeners. Step your game up. In the early days of this show the people leaving voicemails were funnier than any of the Barstool people hosting. Lets get back to that. By the Common Man for the Common Man. This show is yours. Take back what rightfully belongs to you. Call 646-807-8665. Leave a short, funny message.