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Wake Up With Billy Hamilton Beating Out The Most Routine Grounder I've Ever Seen
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He's the fastest kid alive. I love watching Billy Hamilton run the bases. We saw him the other day tag up and score from second on a fly ball to center, here we have Billy casually beating out a grounder to first. Anthony Rizzo fields the ball clean and assumes that the pitcher is going to be covering first. You know what happens when you assume, Billy Hamilton runs all over your ass.
Hamilton sprints down and beats Rizzo to the bag, insanely quick. I mean it's not even like Rizzo waited a long time either, Hamilton is just that fast. If you literally pause while blinking, you've given him too much time and he's going to be safe. Anytime he puts the ball not the ground he has a legit shot at reaching base. You can't teach speed, and Billy has tons of it. He's so damn fun to watch.