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Do These Look Like The Faces Of High School Seniors In Trouble For "Penis Slapping" Their Teammates On The Basketball Team?

Star TribuneSeth Kellen, 19, was sentenced to 10 years of probation after he allegedly “penis slapped” his high school basketball teammates on the back, “digitally penetrated” another teammate and exposed himself to young boys in an elevator. The incidents happened when the Browerville High School basketball team was in Minneapolis, Minn., for a tournament. According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Kellen will also probably get 30 days in jail after admitting to “felony fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct for using force or coercion during sexual contact. Previously, Kellen and a teen by the name of Connor Burns were accused of attacking at least six fellow students in July of 2012. Burns was sentenced to five years of probation in November of 2012, reported KARE 11, which called the criminal incidents a “hazing scandal. The criminal charges will be dropped if Kellen follows his probation rules, goes to anger management classes and gets counseling, said Todd County District Attorney Chuck Rasmussen.

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