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How About This SMOOOOOTH Shorthanded Playoff Goal From My Close Personal Friend, Tampa Bay's Alex Killorn?

Thrilled for, and proud of, my dear, close personal friend Alex Killorn. Dude comes alive in the playoffs. And here he is, scoring the opening goal of the opening game… shorthanded. What a statement! Hockey at its finest! I hope TB wins it all this year. I’m definitely a Penguins fan for this first round so Frankie will shave his fucking teenage ball hair face but I’m rooting for the Lightning overall.

Credit where credit is due: Riggs is also friends with him. Probably closer, given that they played together. But I’ve hung out with him more in the years since, I think. It’s close. As Dave would say, “credit to me for admitting this.” I’ll talk to Kill about it this summer, shirtless, as friends.