Science Proves That Cats Are Responsible For Everything Wrong In the World


BBC - Cats are one of the top threats to US wildlife, killing billions of animals each year, a study suggests. However, they added that pet cats also played a role and that owners should do more to reduce their impact. The authors concluded that more animals are dying at the claws of cats in the United States than in road accidents, collisions with buildings or poisonings. The domestic cat’s killer instinct has been well documented on many islands around the world. Felines accompanying their human companions have gone on to decimate local wildlife, and they have been blamed for the global extinction of 33 species.

Is this news? That cats are responsible for killing billions of animals a year and have caused the extinction of 33 species and have an overall bad attitude? No shit cats suck and murder things. That’s what they do. Never mind just killing animals though. My question is how many humans have they killed? Probably not billions, but it’s certainly in the millions. Listen I’ve said it since day 1 with Barstool. Dogs just want to play, make people happy and be friends with everybody. Cats want to murder you. I didn’t need science to tell me that. Just look into a cats eyes and you know they want you dead. Look into a dogs eyes and you know they just want to be pet.