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Dear Abby: Aggressive Girls Put My Teenage Boy In An Embarrassing State

DEAR ABBY: My son is a tall, strikingly handsome teenager, although somewhat shy. Our problem is that his looks attract the wrong kind of attention from aggressive girls, and it’s getting worse every year. He and his 14-year-old sister went out to eat after school yesterday, and when they returned it was obvious my son was upset and his sister was furious. She said a group of college girls at a table next to them were teasing and taunting my son with blatantly sexual propositions. They went so far as to touch him suggestively as they got up to leave. I’m sure they got the physical response from him they wanted; he is only 17, after all. But he was clearly angry, embarrassed and ashamed. He said he felt trapped and didn’t know what to do. The sexual harassment of young men is often laughed off with a wink and a nudge, but it isn’t funny. It can be as painful and damaging to men as to women. Furthermore, my son is a minor, and I suspect the college girls were adults, if the beer on the table was any indication. I am trying to raise my son to respect women and to be a decent man, husband and father someday, but frankly, I’m at a loss as to how to help him handle this type of sexual aggressiveness from girls. Do you or any of your readers have any suggestions? — SHOCKED MOM IN TENNESSEE

DEAR MOM: I can see why your son and daughter were upset. He was not only sexually harassed by those young women, but when they put their hands on him, he was assaulted. When the teasing escalated, he and his sister should have changed tables or left the restaurant. If your son’s father is in the picture, he should discuss the incident with your son. If that’s not possible, another adult male should help him understand that his arousal was normal and nothing to be ashamed of. I am sure my male readers will also want to weigh in on your letter because what happened to your son was outrageous.

DEAR SHOCKED MOM IN TENNESSEE: Your son is a gayball.

DEAR ABBY: You should be kicked out of the Newspaper Advice League forever for that answer. Fucking Pete Rose your ass. Babbling on and on about sexual harassment and assault. What a piece of shit response that was. Nobody asks anonymous Dear Abby questions to get some cookie cutter, generic answer. They ask you weird fucking questions because they want weird honest answers. Weird honest feedback. This 17 year old dude is an absolute smoke apparently and chicks are practically throwing their vaginas at him. He’s embarrassed and uncomfortable because he doesn’t like pussy. He likes dick. Thats not a shock value statement. I’m not saying that to try to be funny. Fact of the matter is a straight 17 year old guy would enjoy this. A gay one wouldn’t. If I was 17 and dick was being thrown at me every time I sat down in public eating lunch, I woulda been embarrassed too. Tell this kid to go out to lunch where some gay guys are and he’ll feel like the belle of the ball. He’ll be the most popular kid in the joint. Walk out with 2 or 3 boyfriends. You’re wasting your talents you gay idiot! Stop hanging around chicks and go find some dudes who you’d let suck your D bro.