I Really, Really, REALLY Hope This Story About LeSean McCoy Hitting A Biker Then Acting Like A Super Dick Isn't True



Reader Email: LeSean McCoy hit a bicyclist

That’s all I know or read. Dig into it if you want.

OK, let’s all take a deep breath here. I emailed back the tipster to get more details. That picture doesn’t prove ANYTHING so I’m taking the white American in the courts approach of innocent until proven guilty. Plus if this happened “2 hours ago” last night (Fri) then it’s probably not true. I’m 99.999% sure the team would’ve left for SF already so there’s no way Shady could have been in Center City. Boom. Case closed until further evidence can be provided. If anybody has any more info on the story that contradicts my Colombo-like sleuthing then shoot us an email –

UPDATE: The team left this morning for the West Coast, which doesn’t bode well for Shady. A Sherlock Holmes I am not.

h/t Jeff