This Is One Of The Best Heads-Up, Come From Behind Goals In NHL History

That gotta be one of the best heads-up plays I’ve ever seen. Dude was getting smoked the entire time. I mean he never had the lead even once during the entire contest. He was toast. Absolutely burnt toast. The entire arena was watching him lose. The other guy was already spending the gift certificate you get for winning. And then, out of nowhere, a god damn prayer. And…he…NAILED IT.

I fist pumped Tiger-style when his puck slid in while the other guy fell on his ass. That is one of the best heads up, come from behind performances I’ve ever seen. That was USA vs the USSR all over again. He wasn’t the best player, but he was the right player. Big game players make big time plays, and that was one of the best plays to ever happen on NHL ice. If I’m an NHL head coach today, this is the first and last thing I show my players in the film room today. Heart and hustle over everything.