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The 3 Stars Of KFC's Islanders Regular Season Bandwagon

With the playoffs clinched and the 6 seed likely being the draw for the first round, I’d like to look back at the Islanders regular season. Specifically the KFC Islanders Regular Season Bandwagon. I don’t wanna diminish what the team did and I don’t wanna take all the credit. But those guys didn’t do shit and its all because of me. They basically traded DiPietro for KFC and never looked back. So lets look back and chronicle how the Regular Season Bandwagon came to be. The 3 Stars for the Islanders responsible for me driving this fanbase back to the postseason:

3rd Star

John Tavares

He’s an MVP candidate for years to come. He’ll lead this franchise into Brooklyn whenever they make the move. But most importantly he was the reason I initially brought my talents to Long Island. Back on March 8th we were doing a Fan Duel Hockey challenge and all I knew was that #91 JT was gonna be on my squad. Tavares scored twice that night, winning me $400. They also beat the Caps that day at home. See the symmetry?

2nd Star

Matty Martin

I almost feel like I should split this star between Matt Martin and Tom Kostopoulos. Because this one punch fight back on April 1st really, really revved the engine on the bandwagon. The Isles were winning, knocking dudes out. Entertaining games. Blog material flying left and right. Bandwagon got real fun right about now.

1st Star

Colin McDonald

Boston guy and big time Stoolie who first acknowledge the Non-Jinx Reverse Mush that was occurring. Reached out to me on Twitter and told me whatever I was doing, don’t change a thing. So thats what solidified the Wagon. 2 months later I’m sitting in the family and friends section with his tickets, meeting guys in the locker room afterwards. I don’t wanna say that motivated them down the stretch on this road trip, but it absolutely did. Stoolies taking care of Stoolies. Thats what this wagon is all about.