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Postal Service Employee Retires After 44 Years And Zero Sick Days Which Leads To An Ongoing Debate At Barstool: Is It Acceptable To Take Sick Days?

(FreePress) Deborah Ford of Detroit put in 44 years before retiring Wednesday — a good stint, to be sure. And they were all with the same employer, the U.S. Postal Service, making the 64-year-old Ford a rarity in these days of job jumping. But what makes her truly a standout is that in all those years of clerical work at Detroit’s main post office on West Fort Street, Ford never took a sick day. She used vacation time for doctor’s appointments. And whenever she felt lousy, “I’d shake it off,” said Ford, who lives in Detroit with her 86-year-old father. “Amazing” and “remarkable” were words used by Chuck Howe, the Postal Service district manager who oversees the Detroit District, comprising more than 13,000 employees in Michigan’s eastern half.

I bet everyone in this office was THRILLED to see Deborah go. “Hey congrats, Deb! Never took a sick day! Really ‘shook it off’ when you came into work every day hacking and sneezing all over everybody. Passing the flu around the office like it’s the fucking bosses birthday card. Such a dedicated employee Debbie. A true American hero!” Anyone who goes to work when they’re sick is a selfish scumbag who only cares about their own paycheck and not the well being of their co-workers.

But this story actually brings up a pretty confusing topic for me right now. Last week I got sick. Friday Pres tweets that “I’m sick” is a “#ThingNeverSaidInTheRealWorld.” Which is weird because I was positive that I didn’t invent the phrase “sick day.” Nonetheless, he’s says that these “sick days” are only for chicks to use on their wedding or some shit and retweets all the peanut gallery morons who were saying “he sent a tweet this morning! he’s plenty healthy!” as if that’s the new pain gauge for illness. Doctor’s just walking into patient rooms and ask people to take out their iPhone, as long as they can operate it they’re healthy as a horse. I still have no idea what was going on. Maybe the most confusing hour of my life. I’m not even saying Pres is wrong, although I’m pretty sure he is. I guess all I’m wondering is do I get to put #sickday on the list of things I invented along with #nofilter?

Editors Note – Just to clarify.  Feitleberg wrote like 2 blogs in 48 hours last week.  I asked him what the hell he was doing and he said he had the sniffles.  I tweeted something about how that’s shit you don’t hear in the real world.  He replied by saying they had sick days in the real world.   My point is this.  Only chicks who know they are getting married and will be a housewife in 2 years and have no career goals or ambitions take sick days.   If you have any desire to be good at your job or impress your boss you don’t take sick days.    It’s kind of like optional practices.   You better fucking show up if you care about playing time.   But Feits has never had a job in the real world so he doesn’t know any better.

Vote 1 for Pres is right. Sick days are only for chicks and 10 for everybody takes sick days


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