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Reader Email – Introducing The Whizdom

Reader Email

Hey Dave,

Myself and a good friend of mine have had an idea of making a personal urinary device that can be used when boozing. It lets you piss anywhere discreetly and without mess. After a bunch of years of talking about it we finally got a group of our friends to put some money up and we got the Whizdom off the ground. Myself being an owner and a user fucking love the Whizdom. Its convenient and makes any event that more enjoyable.

I used one this weekend at the Martha’s Vineyard Chili Fest and can not tell you how awesome it is. While everyone was waiting in lines for the disgusting porta potties I just walked over to the area outside where everyone smokes, stood in the grass and let it fly. I was talking to a cop the entire time while I was pissing and he didn’t even notice.

I was reaching out to you because I think you and all the Stoolies would find it cool and I would love to let you try it.

Types of Venues its great for are:
Out door concerts
Skiing/ Snowboarding
Outdoor laborers
Mardi Gras
Parades (New england sports Championship parades especially)
Marathon mondays
and many many more…

Let me know what you think!

Go B’s


What do I think? Honestly? Well if you must know I think it is absolutely the worst invention I’ve ever heard of in my life. No joke. I think it’s that bad. Like let’s forget the fact that the video was confusing as fuck. Let’s forget the fact you need to thumbtack this thing to your shoe. Let’s forget all that shit. The beauty of being a man is we can piss wherever the fuck we want. Seriously who waits for a porta potty to take a leak? Like when you’re golfing, hunting, fishing, etc just go into the fucking woods. This idea is so preposterously bad I got to assume I’m getting trolled.  But for some reason I don’t think I am. And the craziest part is that this is so ridiculously stupid I almost want to buy one. What do the Stoolies think? Are these guys even real life?


Vote 1 for I’d buy it and 10 for no chance this is legit.


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