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Anthony Davis Cannot Be Serious With This Excuse About His T-Shirt From Last Night

We all saw the wardrobe choice of Anthony Davis as he sat out for what is most likely his last appearance in NO as a member of the Pelicans. Honestly it made me laugh as one final middle finger to that franchise. The thing about AD is he tries to play both sides which is sort of annoying. He makes it publicly known he thinks his team and the franchise stinks and then wants to be traded, but then talks about how he has nothing but love for everybody. That was always a little confusing, and things got even more confusing when he was asked about that shirt. This was the excuse he went with


I’m sorry what? I don’t doubt that he didn’t go into his closet and specifically select that shirt. I’m sure he has a stylist or someone that sends him shit to wear on game days. That’s not uncommon I would imagine. But here’s where he loses me, where did AD get dressed? One would think it was his house right? You’re telling me he saw that tshirt and was forced to wear it because he had zero other options? Where did all his other clothes go, what type of stylist only sends one wardrobe option? Is that how that process works and I’m just too much of a poor to understand because holy shit that’s a terrible excuse.

“I didn’t choose it, but despite me being a grown ass man with the capability of dressing myself, I was forced to wear it and I had no idea it would get that type of reaction”

This is my problem with this ENTIRE Davis situation. Just own it man! Accept the fact that you’re the villain and just embrace it. We’re to believe that AD did this unintentionally and that it just so happened to be the shirt he rocked on his last game as a Pelican. That is so pathetic and it makes him look even worse. The damage is done at this point, what’s the point in trying to save face? The fans are already going to hate you for basically destroying their team back in February, and I don’t know how he thought it was going to be perceived once people saw that tshirt but now he can’t even take responsibility for that either? His hands were tied because the tshirt was already hanging which everybody knows is a legally binding contract that you HAVE to rock it to the arena.

He knew what he was doing, he made the decision to wear it, and now that people made a big deal about it like he knew they would, it’s suddenly not something he could control. What a dickhead.

So let me ask you, are you buying that excuse?