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I Don't Understand How Billy Hamilton Scored From SECOND Base On A Sac Fly

I don’t understand. My mind cannot comprehend this in the slightest. You get one bag on a sac fly. That’s just how it works. Sometimes you don’t even get that. Billy Hamilton just up and decided that he was going to buck that trend and take TWO (2) bags on this fly out. What a lunatic. So much for respecting the unwritten rules of the game, Billy. But no seriously, this type of speed is incomprehensible. I get the centerfielder stumbled and the ball was to the deepest part of the park but c’mon, if it was that simple we’d see this more often than never.

Just an idea while we’re all here talking: for this upcoming All Star Game can we have Billy Hamilton try to outrun Ramon Laureano’s peashooter? That’s something I would watch. That’s something you would watch. I think it’s safe to say that’s something we all would watch.