Magic Johnson Steps Down As President Of The Los Angeles Lakers... Wink Wink

I was born during the morning, but it wasn’t this morning. You have to wake up pretty early in the AM to pull one over on the Mick Man and I know a ruse when I see one from a mile away. Magic Johnson is stepping down as President of the Los Angeles Lakers for one reason and one reason only: to tamper as much as possible sans repercussions. And I have to say, it’s incredible it took the Lakers this long to figure this out. I mean it’s the perfect plan really. All Magic was doing as President of the Lakers was trying to sign high level free agents, mostly while they were still very much under contract. Now, as just a regular member of society, he can tell whoever the hell he wants to sign with the Lakers without fear of getting fined from the League. Someone competent can spend time actually scouting draft picks, making the mid-level signings that round out a roster, and hiring a coach that LeBron doesn’t want to strange while Magic recruits players like Anthony Davis and Paul George without fear of penalty. Truly a brilliant strategy by the Lakers ahead of an incredibly important free agent period for LeBron’s tenure in LA.