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LeBron James Claims Another Victim, This Time It's......Magic Johnson!??!?!?!


We already had the rumors that Luke Walton was a sitting duck. There were reports that he hadn’t spoken to the front office in weeks and I think everyone expects his days as the Lakers head coach to be over. But Magic? This comes out of nowhere. There were no leaks, no rumors, no nothing. This was the summer Magic was supposed to execute his plan. Well clearly LeBron has had enough and they can save it with all the excuses about the job being hard and the travel and all that bullshit. He’s quitting because he couldn’t congratulate Russell Westbrook?

Nobody believes that because we all know what happened. LeBron wasn’t happy that Magic didn’t bring him Anthony Davis, he wasn’t happy that he built a team of trash to surround LeBron with essentially wasting one of the few years he has left. This is a LeBron/Rich Paul power move if I’ve ever seen one. God what a dumpster fire this franchise is and they have no one to blame but themselves. They thought this whole LeBron experiment was going to work. Adding the best player in the world sounded like a great idea even though everyone with a brain knew the move was because LeBron is done giving a shit about basketball. Now they’re the laughingstock of their own city, star players would rather be a Clipper, and they are tied to LeBron for what, 3 more years? I am rubbing my nipples I love this so much.

I mean think about what we are witnessing here. One of the greatest Lakers of all time would rather quit and take on the embarrassment of being a failure and bringing his franchise back to prominence than be around LeBron. How on earth could the Lakers even be close to a destination right now? You add this to the rumors that nobody likes Rob Pelinka either in the league and it’s a complete disaster. Who knew bringing in LeBron would set this once great franchise back decades. You truly hate to see it.

At this point there’s no way LeBron stays right? He’s going to find a way out of that contract REAL quick. Poor LeBron, he’s definitely hitting the bottle tonight.