Breaking News: Baltimore and Ray Lewis Cheated To Beat The Patriots


Profootballtalk - The good news is that linebacker Ray Lewis may not be facing many questions about a 13-year-old controversy during media day. The bad news is that there’s a fresh topic into which the assembled reporters will want to delve when Lewis and the Ravens gather at the Superdome for the annual exercise in journalistic hysteria. According to Sports Illustrated, Lewis contacted a company owned by a former male stripper to obtain a deer-antler velvet extract after tearing his triceps in October. Mitch Ross of S.W.A.T.S reportedly videotaped the phone call from Lewis. “Spray on my elbow every two hours?” Lewis asked Ross regarding the extract, via “No,” Ross said. “Under your tongue.” Later, Lewis asked Ross to “just pile me up and just send me everything you got, because I got to get back on this this week.” The problem for Lewis is that the extract contains IGF-1, which is on the NFL’s list of banned substances. For the NFL, the problem is that Lewis will retire after Sunday. So there’s really nothing that can be done.

Looks like there is no injury that a little praying and a lot of cheating can’t fix.  Seriously Ray Lewis just doing Gods work again.  If he’s not murdering somebody he’s taking deer antler velvet extract to heal his torn bicep quicker. And who gave him the drug dealer’s contact? T Sizzle of course. Another Raven who cheated to get back on the field faster than humanly possible. Just frustrating. I mean you didn’t see Gronk taking this shit did you? Nope he tried to heal naturally and couldn’t do it. Meanwhile Baltimore couldn’t beat us fair and square so they had to resort to this type of chicanery.  So sad to tarnish such a great game with this type of behavior.  Oh well. It looks like no matter what happens on Sunday there will an asterix next to this season. Just goes to show you can never trust a murderer.