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Footage From Inside A Restraining Order Hearing Has Me Thinking She'll Probably Get It

(TSG) An Ohio woman who was seeking an order of protection against her ex-boyfriend was brutally assaulted by the man inside a Domestic Relations courtroom last week, an attack that was recorded by a surveillance camera.

I don’t know much about the law. But I’m pretty sure the best way to go about preventing a restraining order is not to chase your girl all over the court room then lay an absolutely flawless form tackle on her. Seems like that’s giving the judge a smoking gun of sorts when you throw fucking haymakers inside her chambers. I will give the girl credit though, she was working that run around the table move perfectly for a while there. If she hadn’t fallen she probably would have gotten away scot free. But that’s the way “Duck, Duck, Get punched in the fucking face works.” Have to stay on your toes.

PS – I’m not defending the guy, not by a long shot. Lock him up forever. But isn’t that such a typical guy/girl fight? The man is overly aggressive and screaming for 30 seconds as the woman just sits there. Then she just says one sentence and all hell breaks loose. Probably told him that her ex had a bigger dick or he plays ball like a girl and he just saw red. Again, not defending him. But chicks should know not to drop a hammer like that.