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Mike Tyson Defends English Premiere League Player Who Bit His Opponent

NY Post - Following Luis Suarez’s attempt to chomp on the right arm of Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic during an English Premier League game, former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson, the unofficial title-holder of the most famous bite in American sports history, weighed in on the familiar subject. Tyson, who was fined $3 million and received a lifetime ban from boxing, which was later overturned, after biting Evander Holyfield during a match in 1997, believes that the Uruguayan should not be punished so severely. “He bit someone, it happens. I am sure he will make amends with this guy,” Tyson told the David Glenn radio show. “I made amends with Evander and we got on with our lives.” Suarez, who Tyson follows on Twitter, was charged with violent conduct by the English FA on Monday. In 2010, Suarez was suspended for seven games after biting an opponent during a Dutch league match and he was also suspended for eight games the following year after making racial insults to Manchester United defender Patrice Evra. This season, Suarez ranks second in the Premier League with 23 goals.

I think its a pretty solid rule of thumb that if at any point in your life people are tracking down Mike Tyson to get a quote on your behavior, you’re doing some wildly inappropriate shit. Like Mike Tyson is the authority on violence, rape, horrible financial decisions, and just over all general mental instability. So when the media wants Iron Mike to comment on you, you need to take a long hard look in the mirror.

What a fuckin wacky move huh? At least other maniacs in sports will throw a punch or an elbow or something more normal within the realm of violence. Like when Ron Artest almost decapitated James Harden, it was crazy but its pretty basic shit. He wanted to clock the dude in the head. When Tyson chomped on Holyfield, it was just like spur of the moment, ear-was-there-for-the-biting. But Luis Suarez chomping on this dude’s arm like it was a slice of watermelon is about as weird as it gets. I know its cliche and overused but this really is such a typical soccer move. I wouldn’t be surprised to see hair pulling next time.