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Jude Law Crushes Role As 'Pope Dong Paul IIVI' In HBO Series 'The New Pope'


And real quick, here’s one with sports balls since this is Barstool SPORTS’

Ladies & gents who are into Jude Laws AND sexy, oily, Catholic Popes – today is your day because you can’t scroll Twitter right now without seeing Jude Law as a sexy, oily, Catholic Pope. And perhaps it’s sacrilege to say, and maybe I’m not great at eyeballing things, but this particular brand of Pope is pushing at least 14″ soft and I’m not cross about it.

According to Vanity Fair:

Has there ever, in the history of recorded time, been an image of a pope wearing a teeny-tiny bathing suit at the beach? Probably not, right? Then what, pray tell, is going on with these new photos of Jude Law on the set of The New Pope on Monday?

Yes, here is Law on the beach in a bitsy white speedo, strolling past a group of women tossing beach balls in the air. While in character as the pope, presumably. In the first season of his HBO series (released under the endlessly memeable title The Young Pope), Law plays Lenny Belardo, a deeply conservative man who becomes the first American pope in history.

Also, as it must be remembered, Lenny is hot. Episode 8 literally opens with the buff pope praying in his pool, clad in naught but white trunks. As popes do!

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 5.13.23 PM

Years ago I remember seeing the ads for this show where Jude Law Pope is ripping cigs & getting embroiled in hot scandals, & me being unable to keep my eyes from rolling because in reality, the church is so deeply unsexy to me in every way possible. (Once you puke up Fruit Loops on the altar wearing your altar server robes at age 12 during the crowded 10:15, the magic is gone.)


The Vatican’s own newspaper actually reviewed the series saying it was, “frivolous,” ”caustic” and “grotesque”, but I’m not able to confirm. Speaking of, please feel free to leave your HBO credentials in the comments below. I’ll be a saint & won’t share with anyone else, I promise.