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Savage Customer Pins His Barber Down And Shaves His Head After Getting A Bad Haircut

Daily Mail – A man who was outraged with his new haircut has decided to seek revenge on his barber in south-west China. The furious man took matters into his own hands after he became upset at the hairstylist in Nan’an District, Chongqing, pinning down the employee on a chair before shaving his hair off. CCTV footage of the dramatic incident shows the hairdresser being forced to sit still while staring helplessly in the mirror as patches of his hair were shaved off by the customer. The man, surnamed Chen, then lost his temper and got physical with the barber. After he got the employee, surnamed Li, to sit still, he grabbed an electric razor and began shaving the man’s hair off. The man has been detained by police amid ongoing investigations, according to video news site Pear. 

Pretty accurate portrayal of what goes on in the average mind during a botched haircut. I’ll poker face a knick to the ear before I complain to the barber, but a lunatic like Chen here is out there getting justice. You would think I’d be able to read Chinese subtitles fluently given my experience with not being able to wait for a better version on Kodi, but I never got it down and now all I can do is wonder what Chen’s original request was that made the barber confuse it with a .5 on the sides. Communication is key before a haircut and clearly that shows in this case.

Given my physique I don’t believe in violence, but I can’t say I haven’t fantasized about giving a barber my honest opinion after he asks me how I like it (to be fair he does have a blade 3 inches from my throat 90% of the time we are together). They’ll cut a sideburn too short or start using the razor in non-razor territory and from that point on you know you’ll be avoiding any bar that doesn’t allow hats for the next 3 weeks. Worst part is they force you to watch them basically make scrap paper out of your hair while staring at the mirror just questioning how much worse this can actually get. At a certain point it’s almost so bad that it’s now funny. But you take it like a champ, let out a couple screams on the car ride home, and put up with each one of your buddies individually coming up to you saying “we’re going to get the guy back who did that to you” the next couple days because you don’t want to be live-action yelping or making your debut in some stranger’s snapchat story.


Off the top of my head I can’t think of anything more demeaning than a barber having his own artillery used against him like this while getting his hair even touched at his own cutting station. How fucking ticked off are you if you’re Li the barber here? I don’t want to be any harder on Li today, but next time you have to put up a little defense here brother. Not for you, for barbers worldwide. Point to the No Refunds sign, send them sailing, on to the next one. But surprisingly Chen promptly got immediately arrested after forcing a haircutter down and shaving him like a new recruit, only to eventually be getting whatever’s left of his hair buzzed off in prison. Should go over well.

For anyone trying to kill some extra time in the stall right now that is willing to help me settle this debate:

So I go to the barbershop the other day and a man walks in right before me. He didn’t hold the door for me because then there might be the chance the barber would see me walk in first and cut my hairs before his. I would have done the same thing if the roles were reversed. Also kind of a counterproductive move when you’re trying to be polite by holding the door open for someone but also making them jog to it. Regardless, we get in the shop and see that there are no other customers while our barber is sitting in his break room with the door closed. He doesn’t see who walked in first so it’s going to turn into a gentleman’s game soon as he enters the lobby.

We spend the next 4 minutes waiting, rummaging through some People’s magazines from 2013. We officially pass the 5 minute mark and this guy decides to get up and use the bathroom. Bold movement. If he makes it back here before the barber shows up then he’s still up to bat first, but I’m not sure what will unfold if it’s just me and the barber mono y mono. We’re both here for one reason – to get our haircut and carry on with our lives quicker than lightning. I hear the barber getting out of his seat in his break room and I know it’s about to go down. I don’t know that this analogy makes 100% sense, but in that moment I felt the exact same as when your mom would leave you alone in the line at the grocery store and your turn to pay was rapidly approaching. Like mom come on, you know my funds are tight right now. We’ve all seen the memes. But it’s been a solid minute thirty since the guy has been in the bathroom so it’s clear that he’s shitting, which changes everything.

You can make a piss quick, but you know going into it that a poo can take time and patience. The barber finally comes out and says “Alright Danny, have a seat.” The guy exits the bathroom about 2 minutes later (finishing up at about a 4 minute shit), a decent amount of time for both the barber and I to have still been waiting. He sees me getting my hair cut, stops in his tracks, and takes a quick peak into my soul. He didn’t say anything but at the same time he said it all. It became obvious that he didn’t agree that I was the one who should be getting their haircut right now.

So my question here – can leaving the waiting area of a barber shop be considered the same as stepping out of a line? If you’re waiting for a water slide and the couple in front of you steps out to say how ya been to their friend 30 feet behind you, they’re not getting back in front of you. Not without a cop they aren’t. That’s just line etiquette.

Or did I just throw all morals out the window by getting my haircut before this guy? I’ve made my mistakes in life but I’m not sure I can say what I did here was completely unethical. I can’t be waiting around all day for this guy to take a dump. And right after he watched the door slam on my face on our way in? We were already playing prison rules at that point. The way I see it is this guy took a risk and it ended up not working out for him. Happens to the best of us and eventually will to the rest of us. I feel like I’m in the right here but feel free to tweet me your honest and unbiased take. When thinking of your answer, keep in mind that this guy took a shit at a barber shop.