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Phil Mickelson Warms Up At Augusta National With A $100 Bill Hanging Out Of His Pocket

What a legend Phil is becoming. No one’s enjoying the story about Phil Mickelson telling Jake Owen at Jordan Spieth’s to take a hundred bucks and go fuck himself more than Phil Mickelson. He loves it. He may jerk off to it. Every media appearance Phil makes he’s clearly calculating. He’s cautious yet crafty. He’s relentlessly focused on both protecting his image while also slipping in just enough quirkiness to keep everyone interested. To keep everyone talking. To keep everyone saying, “ha, Phil being Phil.”

Then last week he was handed a gift. Last week a story about him being simultaneously a hilarious clown and a cocky savage comes out… without him having to tell it.

And continuing to grow the legend, now he walks out onto the driving range — at Augusta fucking National! — with a $100 bill hanging out of his pocket. A nice little nod to everyone who loved that story.

I guess now we’re rooting for Phil this week?