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Is MyBookie (AKA The Least Reputable Illegal Sportsbook On the Planet) Picking A Fight With Me Out of the Clouds At My Lowest Point The Dumbest Move In the History of the Internet?



I got to be honest I thought I was seeing things when I noticed today that Mybookie was chirping me about being a fake gambler. Claiming that they would have taken my 250K bet on Texas Tech last night. Well first things first. I didn’t see any of these tweets until today. Well I went back and apparently at 7pm they tweeted me that if I bought 250K in Bitcoin and transferred it they would take the bet? Yeah that seems possible to do in an hour. But even if I could have gotten that done I wouldn’t trust these frauds to pay me in a million years. We used to work with these guys and we got tons of complaints that they made it impossible to cash out. Not to mention the fact they are an illegal sportsbook and as sports gambling is becoming legal in the States they can be shut down at any moment and customers will lose all their money. So any deposit even if they weren’t scumbags would be at risk of seizure. So sorry I’m not gonna trust a quarter of a billion with a company with one of the worst reputations on the internet.

But besides all that imagine chirping me today? The day after the tournament when I am literally down hundreds of thousands of dollars?  It’s insane.  Literally insane.