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Bs Keep Dougie Up For Year (Duh!), He Assists On Game Winner (Teach Me How To Dougie Shirts Now On Sale)

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(Editors Note- People have been tweeting at me non stop for a Teach Me How To Dougie Shirt.  Well here we go.   And I’ll openly admit I borrowed the general layout of it from a kid who stole our KG shirt and our Nose Face shirt and then actually tweeted this to me trying to taunt me for some idiotic reason.  Thanks bro.  I liked it so I took it.   See that’s how it works.  If you take my shit and make a minor change I’ll just do the same thing to you.   The only difference is I’m a mogul and you’re not.  Moral of the story.  Don’t jack my shit and I won’t jack yours.  Seems fair.  This is a Barstool shirt now.  You just got Pageviewed)


For the second game in a row, the Bs gave a less-than-perfect effort but still managed to leave the barn with two points last night when they scored two late goals to outlast a Carolina squad that swept them in last season’s series. And on the road, style-points don’t matter.

Anton Khudobin had a very good season debut and kept the Canes off the scoreboard in the third after giving up two goals late in the second. He brushed off an early penalty and made a handful of quality/tough saves (in addition to giving Bs fans Andy Moog flashbacks). He stopped 29 of 32 shots and of the three goals, two were on breakaways/close break-ins and the other was a goalmouth tip-in. That is to say, he couldn’t be faulted much for them.

After the Bs allowed their one-time neighbor back into the game by blowing two two-goal leads, they were finally able to put them away in the game’s last two minutes thanks to a fortuitous bounce and the veteran poise on our 19-year-old wunderkind defenseman. In a spot where most D-man would look to fire away, particularly those playing in their fifth NHL game, Dougie Hamilton looked up to feign a shot and the Hurricanes bit like a buck-toothed hooker. Instead, the puck went to a wide open David Krejci who beat a very solid Cam Ward for a 4-3 lead with 1:50 left.


Stool poster boy Tyler Seguin simultaneously broke his cherry and gave puck line bettors an absolute miracle cover when he potted an ENG with just 7+ seconds left on the clock. The birthday boy notched his first goal of the year in his fifth game but that’s no reflection on his play so far. He’s been getting chances but just hadn’t scored yet (tomorrow, in his third NHL season, Tyler Seguin can finally go to bars in the city of his employment. Whew. About time.).

With four games in six nights, the Bs got off on the right foot with a road win starting their back-up goalie. The two points has them at the top of the Wales (in this circumcised season, the playoff chase can’t start too early). But they’ll have a challenge on their hands tonight when they take on the defending conference champion New Jersey Devils, who have been lying in wait and are coming off a patented Montreal screw job Sunday night. These two teams have had some great battles over the last few years. No reason not to expect another one tonight.

A few more buds for your “Blah, Blah, Blah Just Wake Me Up When The Super Bowl Starts” bowl…

*After goals by McBain and Skinner, I was waiting with bated breath to hear Mad Jack call Nahasapeemapetilon’s number and then drop a British Empire/Ghandi reference for good measure. Alas, he was scratched along with McGarnagle.

*The Bs went 2/4 on power plays. Though one was Seguin’s empty net final nail, the other was on a nice bang-bang play with Z picking a corner while Lucic blocked Ward’s vision (Chara again had a monster game at both ends and was his Norris-y self last night). Not rocket science. Bodies out front, pucks to the net. As far as having 46 and 19 on the ice at the same time together—um, more please, sir. Like now. On the two PPs that they didn’t score on, the Bs did show improved movement and may have turned a corner with their three-season dilemma.

*Looch had his second fight in five games when he and Tim Gleason had a hearty first period that battle that actually swung the momentum in Carolina’s favor. I can’t say he lost. But he didn’t win by a too much. Gleason’s no slouch though.

*Early candidate for save of the year from Dallas Star Kari Lehtonen.

*Claude took over sole possession of third place on the Bs all-time victories list with last night’s win. He now only trails a couple of guys named Art Ross and Milt Schmidt. Barring a mediocre season, Claude should pass the Bruins living legend this season. Good for a guy who not many gave much of a chance in his third coaching job.

*Apparently, Patty B went all Supernintendo Chalmers on Skinner as the game wound down. But NESN only caught/showed the ass end of it so we didn’t get to see Bergie rag doll the youngster. Rare to see 37 lose his temper. Probably hasn’t happened since that little prick on Vancouver bit him in the finger in the Cup and the league let him walk.

*Nathan Horton scored his second of the year and gave the Bs a temporary 3-1 lead when he undressed the whole Carolina team like a frat bro on a drunk chick then went bar down on Ward for the sickest goal of the night. Nice to see Smilin’ Nathan getting his stroke back after last year’s difficulties.

*What do you wanna do with your life? I wanna DJ at Canes games so I can play Twisted Sister classics for the initial puck-drop.

*I caught Beadle’s new show “The Crossover” on NBCSN. Set the DVR for it. Not sure about the dude but we’ll see (claiming the Pro Bowl was “the story“ of Sunday and Monday was a bit of a stretch, even for Oahu). But I see potential here because of Beads. I never watched her on ESPN because Colin Cowherd is like that annoying dick on your freshman dorm floor that everyone ducks. But since she left there, I’ve seen she’s the epitome of a hot shit and the type of broad you’d love to party with (and I bet she loves to party). Even if she’s one of those phantom Twitter DM weirdos that follows you for two seconds to DM you then unfollows you right after. Like four different times.

*In news that surprised nobody, the Peter Chiarelli announced that the Bs were gonna keep this Hamilton cat around for the rest of the season rather than send him back to juniors. This was just a mere formality for the Bs as the kid’s play indicates that he’s here for the long haul. I notice some non-Boston chirping about the praise the kid is getting. But frankly, it’s more than warranted. He’s a 19-year-old kid playing his first handful of games in the NHL and looks like he’s been doing it for years. And sure, he’s playing with guys like Chara and Seidenberg, but how much have they had to actually cover for him? It’s not just the offense and vision, he’s playing virtually mistake-free hockey. He may hit a bump in the road at some point or experience some growing pains at some point. However, he hasn’t yet. The kid has been unreal. And that’s worth the hype until it isn’t. This just isn’t a pass you see too many rookie defenseman make. Yawning net. Clock winding down. But the kid holds it for the extra second instead of firing away. And it’s the difference in the game.