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Mel Kiper Says The Jets Are The Worst Team In The NFL, Calls Them A Glorified Expansion Team

Apparently the ageless wonder Mel Kiper was on ESPN today and declared the Jets the worst team in football and said with all the holes they have, they’re nothing more than a “glorified expansion team.” And guess what? He’s fucking right. Its really not like a shock value statement. Its just the harsh reality of the situation. Cromartie is just about the only real talent they have on the entire roster. Literally everything else is a hole. Zero playmakers on offense. Again, aside from Cro, nothing to fear on defense. Even guys that once were effective like Mangold and D’Brickashaw just kinda suck now.

Thats why this Revis trade doesn’t even have me as fired up as most Jets fans seem to be. Keeping him on this expansion team is pointless. Team is gonna suck with or without him. Getting a 1 and a conditional 4th is an absolutely putrid return, but again, who fucking cares? If they included a 3rd round pick would things really be that different? I mean yes, obviously stock piling as many picks as possible is how you rebuild a franchise this shitty. But one more additional pick in this Revis deal ain’t the difference between this team returning to the playoffs any time soon. When you need a QB, running backs, an entire unit of wide receivers, tight end, linebackers, and now a new secondary, you’re absolutely fucked for the foreseeable future. Whether its with Revis or with an extra middle round draft pick. A better return would have been a nice, easier way to start this process but its gonna be long and fucking ugly no matter how you cut it.