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Dogs Are Heroes Volume XXVII: Green Bay Dog Almost Gives His Life To Save The Lives Of Others


A Wisconsin K-9 dog named Pyro had to be wheeled away in a stretcher after he was stabbed in the neck multiple times by a suspect while police were answering a call.

Pyro was rushed to the Fox Valley Animal Referral Center in Appleton on Sunday night, where he underwent emergency surgery to his neck and esophagus.

The poor pup had to receive a temporary tracheostomy due to a blood clot that was preventing him from breathing. He also required blood and plasma transfusions.

Pyro was recovering on Monday morning when he had to be rushed into surgery once again following complications of a twisted stomach.

The Green Bay Police Department has been by Pyro’s side throughout the scary ordeal, and credit him with preventing an officer-involved shooting.

Authorities received a call just after 8pm on Sunday night from a man, now identified as Sai Vang, who told them he was going to kill his father. Vang said he would shoot any responding officers on the scene.

Police tried to arrest Vang at his home, but said he refused to cooperate. Officers then sent Pyro into the home to try and knock Vang down.

‘Unfortunately, unbeknownst to the officers, this individual was armed with a knife,’ Chief Andrew Smith told WBAY.

When Pyro bit and held onto Vang, he stabbed the K-9 multiple times in the throat, Smith added.

‘The scar tissue that’s going to form in his esophagus may cause some problems and some complications with him eating, so we’re concerned about that.’

But Smith said on Monday afternoon that the department has ‘very high hopes’ that Pyro is going to survive, calling him a ‘very, very tough’ dog.

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Okay so we’re kicking off today with a good/not good story for the day


Pyro, by all accounts should pull through.  He’s the toughest dude to have ever stepped foot in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Guarantee you he was bred in Illinois.  Oh and guess what?   At worst Pyro might have stopped a mass shooting, at best a suicide.  That’s how fucked up this situation is.  Pyro almost gave his life to stop this fuckwad who stabbed and almost killed him.

And the keyword is almost; I don’t think I could muster the courage to write a story if said fuckwad succeeded in his attempted murder of Pyro.  I mean, look at him.  He’s fucking beautiful

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 8.15.55 AM

Lock him up and throw away the key.  Send him to the same shithole Brendan Dassey is at.

But there’s also…


Pyro’s medical bills are piling up.  The Green Bay PD’s goal of $30K for his medical bills is almost there, so I figured I’d like this page to get eyes on it to get it over the hump