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Congrats To The National Champs

Reviewing that call and coming away with it being Virginia ball is so outrageously dumb I can’t even begin to describe it. That’s Texas Tech ball, down three, and the entire landscape of the rest of that game changes. Does Texas Tech win? Impossible to say. We’ll never know. If anything they probably give up the “Leave De’Andre Hunter open in the corner for a backbreaking three” defense they enacted in every big moment of this game. So did the refs lose it for Texas Tech? Nah. Virginia earned it. They held TT to 33% from the field in the first half. They hit every big shot they needed to hit. But boy oh boy does that call stink out loud. If they’re going to implement review and have it weigh so heavily in such a big moment they should be able to go back 2 seconds early and call the foul on the arm that led to the turnover in the first place. Just a shame the most talked about moment from an admittedly awesome game has to do with a bogus call in a big spot.