Outdoors Catch Of The Day - Redfish Kiss!

Wow another drop dead gorgeous Redfish specimen! If you’re like me, you love fish so much sometimes you want to give them a kiss! Looks like I’m not the only one with that type of thinking.

Woah look at the vibrant red on the tail. So beautiful!


Always have your eyes peeled on the water, you never know where there might be a fish!

Some people love catching Redfish off the beach. Looks like that’s whats happening here!

Practicing catch and release is important to a healthy fishery!

Make sure your garments are on snugly so you they don’t fall off while angling!


The old red white and blue! 4th Of July is one of my favorite days to wet a line and have a few cocktails!

Nothing like staring at the beauty of a nice Red!

Looks like this little dude fell victim so a nice plastic! Nice catch!


Holy shit! Look at the neon blue on the tail! How does nature make something so perfect?

A nice Speckled Trout is a great side order when Redfishing!

Woah, howbout that Kingfish?

Wearing yellow while fishing can be a great way to not get hit by other boats!


Double trouble!

Make sure to re-hydrate after a full day on the water.

Nothing like catching a little football after catching some Reds.

The Alligator Reef Lighthouse is a great place to snorkel!


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