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Roger Goodell Does A Reddit AMA....Doesn't Seem To Grasp The Concept Of "Ask Me Anything"


Here is the link to Goodell’s AMA


So Roger Goodell did a reddit AMA today. It was HORRIBLE.  Don’t get me wrong there were lots of great questions, but he didn’t answer any of them. He only answered softball questions . Personally as an AMA veteran I take great offense to this. If you’re going to do a Reddit AMA you should need to answer everything honestly.  If you don’t the penalty should be death. You can’t just pick and choose the ones you want for PR. So if Vikings punter Chris Kluwe (reddit username – Loate) asks“When a football is sailig through the air, whether it be a punt or a field goal, does it sound more like “wooooooosh”? Or is it a shorter flight and thus more like “whoosh”? you need to answer it.