I Challenge You To Watch This Entire 3 Minute Video Of Darren Rovell Dancing/Singing To One Shining Moment Without Gouging Your Eyes Out

You remember when the ‘2 Girls 1 Cup’ video first came out and your buddies would dare you to watch it without looking away? That’s the kind of vibe I got here with Rovell. I personally made it through 37 seconds before my eyes started bleeding. I didn’t want that to continue so I exited out and moved on to this blog. I think it’s legitimately impossible to have the attention span and mental fortitude to get through that full three minute video alive.

This could be a new olympic sport. Train your best brains from each country to have the courage and will power to sit through this video and not have them gouge their eyes out. You should get a monetary prize for making it out alive. Fucking Rovell. I’m sorry you all had to watch that, but we’re all in this together.

Why do I feel like Ken Jac has already done this?