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JR Smith 6th Man Of The Year


Well no surprise here. This is probably the most obvious of all the regular season awards to be given out. 18 pts, 5 rebounds a game, both career highs. Up over 22 points a game during the last 2 months of the season. He’s the 2013 redux of John Starks. A feast or famine sort of spark plug that nobody else on the team can replicate. And this season he was finally consistently a feast instead of a famine.

He’s an absolute clown and I’ve been tougher on him than just about anybody. But facts are facts – he’s laid pipe all season on and off the court and today he’ll get the official recognition he’s gotten all year as the best 6th man in the game. I can’t imagine how demoralizing it is for teams when the Knicks come out of the gates hot. Carmelo drops a quick 10 points and then they come to the realization that JR Smith isn’t even in yet. Probably got another quick 3 threes to deal with halfway through the first. Gotta be a brutal feeling.

Now do me a favor and cue the motherfucking music!