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Feminist Does "Social Commentary" On What Guys Think About Chicks In Different Skirt Lengths


Saw this pic on Facebook and was going to do a little bit about how the feminist chicks don’t get guys at all. How feminist lesbians making “social commentary” on how men think, when they don’t know any men, is just idiotic. But then I read the comments and realized I didn’t have to do anything. All the moronic feminists had done it for me.



And that’s the perfect way to exemplify the feminist movement. They’re all so eager to claim that they’re being mistreated or wrongfully sexualized that they can’t even recognize when one of their own is making a fucking statement. Doesn’t matter what your reasoning is for making a joke, or even some “social commentary,” they’re going to hear what they want to hear and if they don’t like what they just made up in their head then you’re going to pay for it. It’s absolutely insane but funny to see it from the outside. Feminist teacher makes a feminist picture and all the feminists attack her for being a misogynist. Pretty fucking hilarious actually. They’re like carnivores, both literally and figuratively. Willing to eat each other alive to prove they can yell the loudest.

PS – that list is pretty spot on except anything below flirty should say “You have Sister Wives.”