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Conor McGregor Is Allegedly Being Investigated For Lighting Some Dude Up In A Bar This Weekend

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TMZ- Conor McGregor is reportedly under investigation in Ireland — again — after allegedly punching a man Saturday in a pub in Dublin.

The UFC superstar was at the Marble Arch pub in Drimnagh (a suburb of Dublin) when he was approached by another patron who thought Conor was acting like a jerk, according to the Irish Mirror. The patron reportedly talked trash to Conor about his loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov saying, “The Russian battered you” … and that’s when Conor snapped and punched.

We called Ireland’s Garda Síochána — the country’s police force — who wouldn’t identify Conor by name but did confirm an investigation of an alleged April 6 incident at the Marble Arch.

“No arrests, matter under investigation.”

We also called the pub — but an employee hung up on us as soon as we asked about Conor. Calls to McGregor’s rep have not been returned.

Jesus Christ, man. I know I’m the ol’ Executive Director of Support and all, but everything we’ve seen of and read about Conor McGregor since the Khabib fight has just been horrible, and at some point, it’s gotta stop. This has seemingly all the makings of a complete and total public downward spiral. It’s really, really tough to watch.

Even if reports are true and this guy did talk shit to McGregor’s face in a bar, which is dumb, and means he sorta deserved what he got, why couldn’t Conor have one of his goons handle this? Homeboy just can’t stop making himself look worse! He’s under investigation for a different crime every other day, spanning nations, and it’s just like…what the fuck, man? C’mon.