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Paralyzed Man Has Orgasms Through His Thumb Now

The SunA PARALYSED man has rediscovered the joy of sex — by reaching orgasm when women touch his THUMB. Rafe Biggs, 43, was left a quadriplegic after he broke his neck falling off a roof. He lost all feeling below the waist and feared he would never experience sexual pleasure again. But a year later he enjoyed orgasmic sensations when a girlfriend massaged and sucked his thumb. Rafe, who now regards his thumb as a “surrogate penis,” said: “I felt this build-up of energies and felt I was getting closer and closer to orgasm. “When I did it was one wave of pleasure after another — it was amazing. I never thought it would be possible, but massaging and sucking on my thumb, feels a lot like my penis used to feel — it’s really hot.” Rafe, from Oakland, California, now has regular sessions with sex therapist Lisa Skye Carle. She said: “What Rafe is experiencing is a ‘transfer orgasm’ — where another place on the body gives the same sensation. He has significant reduction in pain after a session.” Rafe is now trying to help others through his organisation Sexability. He said: “Sex is therapeutic and can really help disabled people.”

I’m not gonna say I’m jealous of this guy because at the end of the day he’s still paralyzed. But goddam I’d love to be able to cum through my thumb. You know how much more convenient that is? God placed our dicks in the worst possible spot. Smack in the middle of body in between our legs. Requires all sorts of thrusting and rhythm and endurance to use that thing. Its right near your asshole. It gets sweaty and gross down there. Its your most precious equipment that you want to put inside girls mouths and pussies and its stuck in the worst possible spot on your body.

Imagine if you had a back-up dick in the form of your thumb? Right there on your hand. Nice and accessible. Easy to use. Your girlfriend can deepthroat the SHIT out of your thumb. Put your thumb in her ass and BOOM you’re having anal sex. You have a thumb war with a friend and bingo you’ve got a mess in your pants. Wouldn’t that be funny? If he still came out of his dick from his thumb orgasms. Like when you scratch a dog and it somehow makes their leg start goin. That would be weird. Anyway, if I could sign up for a dick-thumb right now, I would.

PS – You know what the best part of a dick-thumb is? You can suck the shit out of your thumb and it doesn’t make you gay. I’d revert to a fucking infantile state if this happened to me. Thumb in my mouth at all times. You’d need to plug me up with a pacifier to keep me from giving myself thumb blow jobs.