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Tekashi 6IX9INE Can Walk Free This Year If The People He Snitched On Help Him Out


6ix9ine may be out of prison sooner than expected.

The embattled rapper is hoping to be released before the end of the year, but he needs the cooperation of the other defendants he snitched on. According to TMZ, Tekashi and his attorneys hope that all the other defendants will also take deals and avoid trial altogether.

If the trial is called off, Tekashi’s attorney, Dawn Florio, says he will ask a judge to grant 6ix9ine time served. Tekashi has been behind bars since November. If the judge grants his request, the 22-year-old rapper could walk free because he’s fulfilled his obligations as part of his agreement for cooperating with authorities.

It may be a long shot. Only one of the other defendants has filed a motion to dismiss the charges, but Florio is hopeful a plea deal could happen at any time.

6ix9ine is facing 47 years to life in prison after pleading guilty to nine federal charges.

… All he needs is the cooperation of the guys he snitched on! I can’t think of an easier crowd to win over than the guys you just told on. I mean what could go wrong here? Can you IMAGINE trying to bring this up to the dude who just were trying to have him murdered a week before they all got arrested?

“Hey guys,
So you know how I used your crimes and street cred to turn myself into one of the most talked about people on the internet? And how I talked unlimited amounts of shit to Chief Keef, Casanova, and a bunch of other scary people with no threat of violence because you guys had my back? Well I just wanted to say thank you for all of that and then also wanted to see if you had any ideas about helping me get out of here early. It’d be realllly appreciated man you’d be doing me a HUGE solid. 47 years in jail is a longass time, well not that long man you guys will breeze through it fast as shit, but for me it seems like a while. So thanks a lot guys I’m glad you’re going to have an open mind about all of this.


If anything, they need to just put them all in a cell and livestream the negotiations. Everyone knows that friend that can talk his way out of paying for his share of an AirBnB or how he’ll “get you next time” for a bar tab, but this is the Olympics of asking for favors. Must-See-TV.

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