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Who Is The Game Of Thrones Character You're Most Excited To See Get Killed This Season?

If there is one thing Game Of Thrones does better than any show in history it’s killing off main characters. Just when you’re starting to get emotionally attached to a character GoT finds some way to have them killed. Last season the script was flipped a bit. What you see above are two of the most satisfying deaths in the history of the show. That little snake Little Finger Lord Baelish and the most psychotic character in recent memory, Ramsay Bolton. Needed those two to die and it was fantastic when they did.

There are no perfect characters in this show. Everyone has moments they must account for. Even the Christ figure Jon Snow admitted to Theon that there were moments he regrets. He too has murdered. That’s what makes this show great. Nobody is all good or all bad. The line between good and evil runs down a person’s heart and no show has captured that more perfectly than Game Of Thrones. And since everyone in the show is guilty of something, there’s more justice to be doled out because after all…valar marghulis…all men must die.

For me there is one person above all else who deserves death. A person I am dying to see die. Not just any death. A painful, slow, excrutiating death. Not Cersei, not the Mountain, nor the Hound, not even the Night King. There’s only one for me…

Image result for melisandre gif

That red bitch demon, Melisandre. FUCK her. No no no, toots. You don’t get to just sail off and live another 1000 years in a far off land while Jon Snow, Khaleesi, and the entire 7 Kingdoms are fighting the Army of The Dead. You burned a child at the stake for the purposes of your black she-devil magic. We are not done with her. The only way she can redeem herself in my eyes is if she somehow kamakazees herself into the new ice dragon and that saves the day. Other than that exact scenario I need her dead and soon.