This Video Makes Rami Malek Look Like A Complete Psychopath

I’m not a Rami Malek guy because he didn’t thank the guy who actually did the singing when he won his Oscar for Bohemian Rhapsody, and I’ll admit that is probably a pretty stupid reason to dislike some one. But now I’ve finally got one: Rami Malek has to be a man who’s murdered before and will do it again without a second thought. I remember the video itself going viral recently but I never watched it, now that I’ve seen it with the added music it’s hard not to look at him as the most terrifying man in the world.

The music obviously adds to it, any one who’s seen a movie knows the importance of the score, but this is much deeper than just that. It’s the mannerisms, the voice, the the things he says, it all points towards a psychopath. I mean we’re talking about liking chance encounters, handwritten letters, train travel, and ending it with “being exactly who I want to be” it’s all bone-chilling. You’re exactly who you want to be, Rami, and I’m pretty sure that’s a murderer.