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Swedish Professional Hockey Player Was Found Still In His Equipment Celebrating With Fans 30 Miles From The Arena Where His Team Just Won At

Jon Knuts of the SHL was channeling his inner Alex Ovechkin this week when he was found celebrating with fans over 30 miles from where his team won a game to send them back to the top league in the SHL. Knuts was found celebrating with fans, except he was still in his equipment from the game, skates and all.

Imagine being at a random bar in Sweden and a professional hockey player just walked in, full equipment and sat down next to you at the bar. I’d be so rattled I’m not sure I’d know what to do. Such a legendary move too. I bet this guy drank about 1000 beers that night.

Let me just say that it would be an honor to party with this guy. His team Leksan is finally getting back into the top league in the SHL after winning an enormous game. My first question, where are the skate guards? Do you even need skate guards in Sweden this time of year? Or is it just ice everywhere? Regardless, this guy seems like a fucking blast to drink with and to have in your locker room.