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Fat Kid Not Happy The Rock Beat CM Punk Last Night

Big Cat just posted this. Hilarious.   For my money there is nothing better than wrestling fans getting mad about wrestling results.  Makes me laugh everytime.  And this kid is so pissed.  He’s not out there trying to make a fake viral video.  He’s just in total and complete shock about how this ended.   Like his facial expression says it all.  Absolutely can’t fathom how 2 People’s Elbow’s finished the deal.   “Like oh that’s all it takes?  What a joke” Just throws his belt down in disgust and storms into his room and wants to be left alone.   And I ain’t mad at him either.   The Rock does use the WWE just to promote movies.  It would drive me nuts too.

PS – Who is the girl?   Sister?  Roommate?   Could it be girlfriend?

Double PS – I love watching this fat boy’s body motion when the Rock is bouncing off the ropes getting ready to drop the elbow.  He was trying to will it not to happen.