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Mr. Kraft, Brady and Belichick are Blowing Off Red Sox Opening Day

Washington Nationals v Boston Red Sox

Quite honestly, I think that for Mr. Kraft, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick to skip the Red Sox Opening Day celebration is petty of them.  To deny the fans of Boston the chance to see the Patriots Holy Trinity presenting the sixth Lombardi trophy alongside the ninth World Series trophy is vindictive, small-minded and spiteful.

Even more honestly, I couldn’t agree with them more. Sometimes petty, almost childish resentment is the only logical response of a rational mind. And this is one of those times.

I love the Red Sox. You love the Red Sox. Mr. Kraft, Brady and Belichick love the Red Sox. Which is to say the team, the players, Alex Cora and his coaches, Dave Dombrowski, the institution that is the Boston Red Sox. But that ends at the owner’s box. How could it not?

How much more abuse from John Henry and his state run Ministry of Truth the Boston Globe do three men have to take before they say enough is enough? How many more attacks on their character do they have to tolerate before they decide the playing nice is pretty much over? How often can you be called a cheater, a quitter, a pervert, someone who steals from kids with developmental disabilities and read how everyone’s bored with your soon-to-be-failing team before you reach the breaking point?

Henry had to see this coming. Hell, he probably welcomes it. You can’t spend all your time trashing your neighbor’s reputation on your Facebook page and then expect him show up to your cookout with a smile across his face and a foil tray of cupcakes his wife made for you.

And how has John Henry’s failing propaganda leaflet trashed the Patriots? Where do we begin? How about I just work backwards, chronologically:

–Henry’s paper just joined a lawsuit to get their pervy hands on Mr. Krafts’ illegally obtained Orchids of Asia Rub & a Tug & a Hug video.

–The Globe treats Red Sox Truck Day like it’s Mardi Gras on Bourbon Street, but insists that 35,000-plus at the Super Bowl Send Off Rally and 1.5 million at the Duckboat parade are a sign New England is losing interest in the Pats:

John Henry 3John Henry 2

–Ben Volin:

–Dan Shaughnessy:

The Globe accuses Brady of stealing from the disabled kids he works so tirelessly for:

–And when Globe photographers are turned away from one of Brady’s Best Buddy events, Shank calls them “hostile and petty.”

–Not to mention the thousand of barrels of toner they’ve squandered printing Henry’s most fervent, sexiest, priapism-inducing wet dream that finally, at long last, the dynasty will be over and his team can get most of the attention in this market:

Globe Dynasty2

Globe Dynasty

So now we have our answer. The Pats’ triumvirate tried to be nice for as long as they could. They showed up for Opening Day 2017 with their first five trophies and made the day for everyone. And for the two years since they’ve gotten nothing but abuse. They’ll send some guys. Even at least one superstar who’s never had the chance to be part of one of these ceremonies:

But the days of the big three being nice to Henry while he pisses all over them in print are very much done. Have fun, Dr. Creepy.