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30 Sharply Dressed Asians Vs. 3 White Dudes And A Ton of Smokes Milling Around In Boston Parking Garage Fight

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So, I was in Boston last night, three of my friends were jumped by over thirty asian kids. I was a smokeshow on Boston and I’m in the video too! Is this not a hate crime? If this had been the other way around 27 whites vs. 3 asians racial equality groups would have been all over this. But it doesnt matter because theyre white? Like wtf!!!! My friends broke his hand and my other friend got six stitches. Thats all the damage 27 asians could do lol kinda funny, Jackie Chan they are not.


First of all it kills me that this is a World Star video.  I mean come on whoever was taping this.  You are in my back yard.  Yell Barstool not World Star.  Now all the main stream media who wouldn’t have known this existed if it weren’t for us will pretend they didn’t see it from us.   Anyway, I would have LOVED to be one of the white boys getting beaten up here. Asian smokes for days at this fight. I would have been sneaking in gropes all day long. Just falling on top of them when I got punched in the face and shit. Grope city. Who cares if it’s 30 on 3? Asian smokes on top of Asian smokes on top of Asian smokes. As a side note do Asian chicks like weird haircuts? Because if they do I’ll cut my hair like one of these guys…


PS – In all seriousness though butt punches are so over the line in a street fight it’s not even funny.