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Joel Quenneville And Dale Tallon Are Teaming Up In South Beach And I'm Jealous Of The Panthers

Well there it is. Rumored on the internet yesterday. Joel’s family was in Naples this week. There were signs and now it’s official. Joel Quenneville is the head coach of the Florida Panthers. Dale Tallon is the GM. And I am jealous. I love those guys. Hockey lifers. Winners. Builders. It’s a great hire, obviously, as Joel Quenneville is the best coach in the game.

The rumors were that Joel Quenneville wanted to go to a place where he could win. I think it’s possible in Florida. You could do a lot worse than building around Barkov, Huberdeau, Trocheck, Ekblad, and Yandle. If the Panthers can clear a little cap space by moving Luongo and Reimer off the books then they can make a play for both Panarin and Bob. If that happens then all of a sudden they’re really cooking with gas. Go Cats. Good luck Joel, I love you.