I, Along With The Entire World, Just Got Worked By The Empire State Building (I Think)

I don’t what’s real or not right now. WWE showed an image of Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston plastered onto the side of the Empire State building. Everyone on social media started freaking out about it. So I did what anyone would do and threw on my shoes like it was my mom outside and needs help bringing in groceries, ran down the stairs (I live in a one bedroom without roommates but still live in a walkup, we ain’t there yet fam) and walked to the corner and to my great amazement I sawwwwwwww this!

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 9.32.21 PM

What the fuck man?! Was I and the entire world just worked by the Empire State Building? Are their faces on the other side? Or were they *gasp* never even there at all???

This reminds me of that time when the radio host told everyone the aliens were invading and the entire world freaked out because they had no idea he was making it up, as it was 1938 and Twitter wouldn’t be invented for another 10 years.

Who knows what’s real or fake anymore. Real life is wrestling. The Empire State Building is a heel. No wonder Clem hates it, what a dick.