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Texas Tech Cancelled Classes For The National Title Game Because Lubbock Is Going To Burn Down

This is the smart move. I mean let’s be honest the kids aren’t going to show up for class no matter what happens tonight. Hell, the teachers and professors won’t even show up. You don’t go to your first ever NCAA title game and assume people are going to be worried about American Literature 101.

Or perhaps it was because of things like this after the Final Four:


Yeah, I’m going to guess it’s the fact that there’s a 50/50 shot Lubbock is still a city come Tuesday morning. I hope there are riots and crazy things because, well, it’s free content. But, don’t burn cars. That seems a tad bit fucked up. I know I’m not one to tell you things, but don’t do that.

This has to be up there for top class cancellations ever though. It’s close with finding out you were cancelled early the night before so you could make plans and not wake up early. Classes cancelled because you are in the title game is up there.