Ovi Now Has Led The League In Goals More Times Than Anyone Ever In NHL History...EVER

8 times. How remarkable is this guy? He is now an 8 time winner of the Rocket Richard trophy, given to the player who leads the league in goals. Just won it at 33 years old, with no signs of slowing down. None. He played 81 games this year, and the only game he missed was due to suspension for sitting out the All Star Game. So his only missed game was a product of being too good.

By scoring 51 this season and leading the league, Ovi now has led the league in goals more times than anyone EVER in the history of the game. Seriously.


What an extraordinary accomplishment. More than anyone ever. Think about all the greats that have come and gone, but Ovi has stayed atop the goal scoring leaderboard more times than anyone else. All these young whippersnappers that come into the game with their razzle dazzle, they can’t match Ovi’ consistency. It’s simply incredible.

And just one more mind blowing nugget:

So sick. Congrats to Ovi on yet another incredible year. We are so truly lucky to be able to watch him do what he does night in and night out.