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YIKES - It Looks Like Connor McDavid Just Broke His Leg In The Last Game Of The Season

Just when things couldn’t get any worse in Edmonton, it appears as if one of consensus Top 2 hockey players in the entire world just broke his leg in the last game of the season.


Many Twitter users have pointed out the “Its broke” seemingly uttered from his mouth here

Its just an endless pit of misery for the Oilers at this point.

Edmonton had career years from their top players this year and still couldn’t get within reach of a playoff spot. Leon Draisaitl scored his 50th goal tonight and topped 100 points. The captain Connor McDavid scored 116 points, and even guys outside of their superstars elevated their play considerably. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins ended up with a career high 69 (nice) points and even Alex Chiasson, who was borderline on his way out of the league, scored 22 goals.

HOW IS THIS TEAM STILL SO BAD? It defies all logic and odds. There has been some talk the past week about a potential McDavid trade request coming over the summer and who on EARTH could blame him? I will touch more on that in a separate blog because I think it warrants a closer look, but whether its true or not, there is no way this helps anything. McDavid’s frustration will only grow with every day he sits in a cast or rehab while thinking about how goddamn frustrating this team is.

Hopefully its not as bad as it looks but the reports so far are not great.