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If We're Not Still Gambling On Fan Duel Then The Terrorists Win

Is this the best timing to talk about fantasy sports? Probably not. But then again maybe it is. Because thats what America is all about. We don’t stop. We keep grinding. We persevere. We live in a country where smut blogs offer $6,000 fantasy sports tournaments through Fan Duel. And we’re protected by the best servicemen and women in the world to allow us to keep doing what we do, even in the middle of a terrorist manhunt.

So don’t stop doing what you do. SIGN UP HERE

1.     $6,000 in prizes, $1200 for 1st

2.     266 spots in the tournament

3.     $25 entry, can enter up to 3 teams

4.     Prizes down to 26th place

5.     Starts at 7pm EST on Friday