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You May Be Hungover This Morning, But At Least You Didn't Get Spartan Kicked To Hell

What a fucking video! Sure it ends about one second too early. But there is a chance that goes from an awesome Twitter video to something you see on Live Leak with an NSFW tag because the guys head exploded on the pavement if we see the moneyshot of that fall.

Some people will say that Spartan kicking a dude into bolivian is fucked up. But my fellow unit begged and pleaded for that shirtless moron to stop coming up the stairs. Once it became clear that making peace was not an option, our cuddly large friend looked out into the horizon and realized “I’m really gonna have to Spartan Kick a motherfucker on this lovely sunny day”.


If you don’t take this video as a sign that Sparty is a mortal lock tonight, I don’t know what to tell you. I just placed 14.61 units on Michigan State -2 because once Vegas sees this video, that spread is going up to an even dozen.


UPDATE: We have a longer version of the video, with proof of the shirtless hardo surviving the Spartan kick while not seeing how because there is still no record of him hitting the concrete.

The lesson as always kids? Keep your phone’s camera recording at all times and he who has the high ground always wins, no matter how powerful you may be.